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About Smoke Cloak

Asset Protection Security and Data are a supplier of Smoke Cloak in QLD. Smoke cCoak is an anti theft device that is proven to diminish break ins and the theft of personal properties or other goods.The Smoke Cloak Security System works on the simple principle of making it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for would be offenders to remove product from your store.

It does this by the activation of a 100% safe and harmless smoke security system. The Smoke Security System rapidly fills the protected area with this dry vapour that presents as dense sense thus making it virtually impossible for the offender to access product. 

Smokecloak  is able to provide a measure of product protection previously unseen. The fact is that with normal anti theft devices or security systems offenders have anywhere between 2 to 40 minutes after an alarm activation BEFORE authorities arrive. Consider the stock loss, vandalism in that time. The Smokecloak Security System closes this "window of opportunity"


The REAL facts about Alarms and CCTV:

  • Offenders have anywhere between 2 and 40 minutes to remove your stock BEFORE authorities arrive.

  • 1 or 100 detectors will NOT increase the response time

  • 1 or 100 Cameras will NOT STOP your product going out the door.

  • Security Systems and CCTV Systems only acknowledge an event.         


The REAL facts about Smokecloak:

  • Portects your property INSTANTLY.

  • Forces the intruder out empty handed.

  • Smokecloak  is documented & proven to be effective

  • Theft has been reduced to virtually to ZERO.

  • Smokecloak is 100% safe. REPEAT 100% SAFE.

  • Smokecloak is  an internationally recognised and awarded product.

  • Smokecloak is NATO endorsed and is the preferred Security System for International High Risk Security Complexes.

  • Unlike current Security Systems, Smokecloak will actually save you money.

Smoke Cloak

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