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In recent years, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras have been increasingly used by Brisbane homes and businesses to protect people, property, and profits. Footage from each camera can be digitally recorded and can be easily searched.

Our experienced team can recommend the best cameras to suit your exact requirements, whether you want to deter intruders from your home, prevent business theft, or protect your staff members. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

We have access and use the latest CCTV cameras and can include high definition and IP cameras to ensure you receive the best value for money products on the market.

There are a large number of cameras available and these can include any of the following

Internal Analogue Dome Cameras – can have a fixed lens or variable focal lens so that the picture can be adjusted to get the view that you require. They can operate with low light and can change from colour to black and white picture as the light goes low at night.

Infra Red (IR) Cameras – have a number of Infra Red LED around the camera lens that provide light when it is dark so that a picture can still be seen, although in most cases it is a black and white picture when the infra red LEDs are working .

Vandal Resistant Cameras - provide a camera that is resistant to attack and can be installed outside, some have IR so that they will work outside at night in low light.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ) – as the title suggests are a camera that can either be manually controlled to move around (PAN) tilt up and down and also ZOOM into and focus on an object of interest, alternatively most can have a number of presets programmed into the camera during installation to do all of the above PAN,TILT,ZOOM without someone operating any controls.

IP Cameras – with technology constantly changing there is a big focus on IP cameras that are cameras that can record to computers and or viewed over the internet using internet protocol. This format allows far better picture quality and certainly a far better picture when you replay what has been recorded. In most cases the picture can be zoomed in closer after it has been recorded.

Important facts about CCTV and images that are recorded:


  • To identify a person they should be approximately 2/3 of screen

  • Don’t try to view to much with one camera

  • Have a UPS to filter power fluctuations

  • Maintain and clean your camera lens regularly

  • Check that all your camera pictures  are recorded

  • Know how to copy and backup your pictures


Brands that Asset Protection Security & Data use and recommend include:


  • Bosch

  • Hikvision

  • Pacom

  • Samsung

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